Ubuntu 14.04

Installing Ubuntu 14.04 successfully with Windows 8 or above (UEFI Boot)

Installing a Linux operating system used to be tough when it was new, but now it is really easy. This was true until Windows brought in the UEFI and Secure boot. This has made booting most of the OS with Windows a headache. Thanks to Ubuntu for such an adaptive environment that its installation is smooth even today. The steps are really simple, but there are few catches here and there, that we need to look into. So let’s quickly and successfully install (dual boot) Ubuntu 14.04 or above with Windows 8 or above.

Ubuntu 14.04

  1. Make sure your Partition type is Basic and not dynamic. Also, create a handsome space (50 GB) for the new OS, this partition must be primary. (Use Windows Disk Manager for this)

    Type =Basic and Partition should be primary

    Type =Basic and Partition should be primary (This is just a snapshot for reference)

  2. Turn off Secure boot. (This procedure vary from brand to brand, so refer your instruction to get into it. Most of the time these settings are available in BIOS, which can be accessed by F2 or F12 while booting)
    Disable secure boot
  3. Boot via your preferred media. (USB, Optical disk, I personally suggest optical disk for installation, as it is less of a problem. They also make a rescue disk in case of emergency)
  4. Follow the steps, these are simple but select something else in the menu shown below

    something else

    must select ‘something else’

  5. Select the partition you created in step 1, in this menu

    Select drive

    Select the partition created (This is just a snapshot for reference)

  6. Creating a dedicated swap space is good practice, but I do not recommend it for Dual boot systems. So in the next step you will be asked about mount points and greeted with warning related to swap space and others, just accept those warnings. Select (ROOT) / as you mount point and EXT4 as your file system.

    Select / and EXT4

    Select / and EXT4

  7. You are all set, just complete the installation and you are all good to go. 🙂

This method has been tested on laptops from many different manufacturers like Sony, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. I have even tried this method for windows 8 and 8.1. This is supposed to work most of the times, but with OS installation, there are no guarantees. So I recommend you to keep a backup before proceeding forward. I hope this blog helps you, do give suggestions to improve the blog, comment for any help, and share your successful installation.

A Complete guide to first time dog owner

Owning a Dog is simple, but choosing the right one is the key. People buy puppy in haste but end up being unhappy in the course of time. 7 question you should answer before getting a puppy, since its an life long investment of love, care and money:

Here are the few things that you should keep in mind before choosing the right breed. You should be the master of your decision.

1. Size of the breed you are planning : Size plays an important role if you are getting a pet as you should not feel cramped in the presence of your pet. It should be an fun experience for owner as well as your new family member. So consider the maximum size and weight your selected breed will gain. Different breed requires different space for healthy accommodation.

Q2A: Do you have enough space for breed of that Size?

2. Time Investment: Yes, raising a puppy require patience with time. The experience of raising a puppy will be very much similar to human baby. It requires time for Exercise, Grooming, Health care and Fun.

Q2A: How much time you are willing to give to your pet in daily and weekly basis?

3. Shedding Restrictions: The new member you are about to get is a dog after all and its animal tendency to shed in specified time of the year. Keep in mind the amount and duration of shedding your breed has all round the year. Also keep in mind of any member allergic to animal hairs. Although a good care can minimize the shedding.

Q2A: How much and how long does the intended breed Sheds?

4.Temperament: The temperament is also a very important consideration while selecting a pet as some breed have basic hunting instincts and some are very friendly. Some breed goes easily(ex: Labrador Retriever) with other and some have a problem easily socializing. So if you have any young infants or expecting in latest 15 year  then make choice accordingly. views about different breed varies differently so be wise and take your own decision.

Q2A: Is temperament going to be an issue? do you have other pet(s) or infant(s)? 

5. Climatic requirements: Different breed originates from different part of the world and may find hard to adapt to different climatic condition. ex: Saint Bernard is a breed from hilly area and it may find hard to survive in normal Indian hot conditions, unless you have the required arrangements.

Q2A: Can the breed adapt easily to the climatic variation in the region you live? 

6. Purpose: A very important factor in choosing the right breed of dog. Its very well said “After use we even discard our body”, so if the breed you are getting does not matches your need then its just of no use. Think wisely before selecting the breed after carefully deciding the purpose of yours? ex: If you get a Pug an expect it to guard your house?? Not possible. So get to know different groups of dog before choosing the right breed.

Q2A: Why you need a Dog?

7. Money: Last but not the least is the amount of money you are planning to shove out your pocket. Different breeds have different price so be careful before choosing a breed as you may land up in disappointment after getting the price quotation. Prices also vary according to the availability and pedigree of a Dog.

Q2A: My budget?

So this are the 7 basic question you will need to answer before you get going on your pet purchase. Be wise and make right choice as you are getting a new family member. May your experience of owning a dog be the sweetest and you cherish it throughout your life. 🙂

Find everything about different breeds here.

Note: Search for good breeders before getting pet from any where, avoid business people as they breed solely for it.


No More Free Shipping says Amazon, Flipkart and Friends

E-Commerce has been at boom recently in India. Grandparent and grandchildren are shopping together today, all thanks to the online shopping portals. This kind of service is relatively new in India but as of today the are all set. They used the strategy of free shipping and made people believe that online shopping is the cheapest. Now, as they have their firm grip on their shoppers and have become successful in making them e-shopping addict. Individuals(including me) are not willing to go market and search for the item. Now as we are all into shopping fit, we have to pay more for the comfort we receive. The product delivered to us at the door comes at a cost and that cost is not small. The sole idea of home delivery at low price, pricks one’s soul. All major e-commerce giants have introduced their tariff plans for shipping and they are not at all lucrative.

So here is menu card, choose your order wisely:

  1. Amazon
    Shipping Charges: Rs. 40
    Free delivery above 399
  2. Flipkart
    Shipping Charges: Rs. 60 – 70
    Free delivery above 500
  3. Snapdeal
    Shipping Charges: Rs. 30 – 50
    They do not sell products(many) with less MRP, so this is not an issue.
  4. Bookstand.in
    Shipping Charges: Rs. 50
    Free delivery above 399
    A good place for book lovers(As I am a book Freek)

This just a personal research I did for myself. In my search, I thought that this could even help others make right descision so I just shared my work. If you would like to add anything then please comment below. I would love to listen from you. 🙂


sample link

The Picture of Dorian Gray – Review

‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ is a story by ‘Oscar Wilde’, the only novel written by him. The story revolves round a young lad, Dorian Gray. The England is in love with him for his looks and charms. He is said to be the most handsome man to ever live. Those who knew him adored him and those who didn’t craved to meet him. Hallward Basil and Lord Hennery are two other important characters. Basil is a painter by profession. He finds the presence of Mr. Gray magical. Mere presence of such graceful personality made his work creative and beautiful. Hennery on other hand is a typical royal. He has all the qualities of the spoiled noble man. He has his own philosophies which you cannot deny. If I were to say about the most manipulative man I ever read about, it is him.

The boy in his youth is unaware about the ‘culture and corruption’ life has to offer. The two of his friends whom he adores the most are like his mind and heart. They both quarrel in him as thought. Their insight their views are all he is made up of. The mind, Hennery is manipulative. His words are harsh yet noteworthy. He implores logical aspect of a man and make him believe what he wants. The heart, Basil is simple and kind. The morals, the values are all given by him. The world we live in we easily give in to our mind as there are very few places we see our heart logical. He fights amidst this dilemma and sees life through their lenses. He is so much influenced by Hennery that he become narcissist, he falls in love with his own painting which Basil created. The seeds of pleasure, power and possession are sown in his mind. Now he wants to taste the life not worrying about the morals at stake.


The Picture of Dorian Gray

In his sudden realization of his beautiful youth he makes a mad wish. He wishes, “May the portrait ages and he stays young forever”. Sometime later when he discover the fact, he is surprised. A mixed feeling of fear and excitement comes over him. His mind controls him and he takes the path of immoral values. He falls in love with a young, low status actress ‘Sibyl Vane’. This love doesn’t last long as you will find out due to the harmful influence of ego which mind has created.

He then goes on series of downfall leading to adulteration, social rudeness and murder. Sometime later when he discovers his folly, it is too late. He tries to rectify for his mistake, for the harm he has made to his own soul…

The Need

We are humans and we have needs. We are derived by our need even if we do not know about it. Needs (Desire) are always working beyond our control to make us move. Some of us may control it to a limit but it requires great effort. This needs are hard coded in our genes and to change one’s innate behavior is not easy. All our actions are directly and indirectly connected to ones need. It is even more disastrous when this need evolves into want.

We have three basic needs:
1. Economical Need
2. Physical Need
3. Emotional Need

Economical need may seem new to us but it has been there ever since life evolved on the Earth. Economical need can be defined as a need for life source (food, water, home, cloth), Power, Possession and Prestige. It is in us and it is in animals too. We as humans have developed a very great economical want, by developing currency. We accumulate everything of anything possible. We do not know where to use? What to do? Still we are working day and night to satisfy our economical want. Economical need can be briefly explained by a Plant. It creates fruit to store energy for future, but in most cases it never needs them. They in turn are used as a life source by others which seems useful. We humans have strict law and regulation and our collection are to be used only by our own species (Family). This in turn creates starvation for other living creatures. Thus serving no purpose to humanity.

Physical need is the strongest to feel and have been felt by every one of us reading this. Physical need is a craving to obtain, use, enjoy and manipulate. The physical need every species feel is the need for sex. When a particular living being obtains its age, it willingly/unwillingly goes under the process of reproduction. This need is explained by every life in animal kingdom. Let us take Lion as an example. Two fierce lion fight until death just to win a territory of females, same for any other animal you can think.

Emotional need is special need mostly restricted to humans. We are unique of species and have feeling no other living organism can feel. This need is rarely felt but exists everywhere. Only in solitude this need has been felt. Our busy life makes it impossible to realize our real needs. If this emotional need is satisfied most other needs pass away by itself. Emotional need can be briefly described as a need for support, attention and love.

My aim here in sharing all this is not to tell that this is our need, but to tell that our actions are directly linked to our needs. Everything happening today in our society is the cause of these needs. They are the directors to today’s social drama.

Economical need is stronger in Female as compared to males. They are at greater verge to be exploited on this basis. They are coded to produce offspring and they are solely responsible to take care of the new being. This has led to higher economic insecurity amongst female. Today it is common to see young girls and women getting unethical to survive this need. This is the father of prostitution and extra martial affairs in most. We should be self-dependent and must be able to satisfy our need. We should not only make sure that we save enough for ourselves but also for others.

Physical need is very vibrant in males as you have guessed, yet it is not uncommon in females. This need is a need to satisfy sexual urges. Physical needs changes when we satisfy our first need. This is because physical need not only include obtaining and using but also manipulating. This in turn make the metal loose its luster and sending the child out for new toy again. This is the reason why most people adulterate. “Do not adulterate” is the mantra of every religion, and it is so for very good reason. This may give momentary happiness but also an everlasting guilt. Your relations will shatter and you will lose your emotional stability in turn, creating greater havoc for you and society.

Emotional need is unfulfilled in almost everyone today. If you could find a way to emotional fulfillment, you can be happy forever. When this need is not satisfied, we resort to other needs thus opening a whole world of possibilities. We have infinite number of pits to fall and it becomes really tough to watch our steps then. I too do not know how complete emotional stability could be achieved, but I know that we can reach very high. We can do so by keeping our wants less. They less you want, the less pit you have to fall. So if we can reduce our need we can surely be at higher emotional stability. This will really lead us to a happier life, make us a better individual and an awesome world to live in!

The treasure of kindness

Ankit Singhaniya

It was noon, sun was shining bright enough for its warmth to be felt. It was then, that it started to rain. I was traveling on bus just like any other day. I was a bright lad then, lean and tall, not that tall. My face was pale but radiant. On seeing me one always considered that I was a high school goer, but I was older than what I seemed. I was pursuing engineering in one of the private colleges in Pune. Pune was then the study hub of India. People from all over the country migrated to study here.

I was looking out of the window, enjoying the splashes of rain on my face which came after striking the window pane. I was thinking (as it was the only job I had then), that we are taught that we should offer our seat to any elderly person or any female fellow passenger, then why don’t we? Whenever I boarded the bus, this was the question I always asked myself. The answer was always unclear and illogical. My brain created several baseless reasons. What if the person or the lady gets a wrong impression of me? Why should I offer my seat when no one else is? My thoughts were immersed in questions. I was doubtful about what I was taught. While I was pondering on these usual topic on my regular back seat, I noticed an undistinguished elderly man boarding the bus. From his age he was fast but still slow for others behind; as we young mob are always in a haste. His face was in the opposite direction. All that I could observe about him was his grayish-black hairs, which were in abundance, topic on which I worried often. His shirt was criss-cross of peach and white forming large squares. His hands were skinny and his elbow showed the typical wrinkles which can be seen in any old aged person. He was holding on to the supporting rod with his right arm, and a sewed cloth bag hanged on his left arm. The bag contained something but it had enough space to contain twice of what was already there. He wore a white paijama over his waist. His black old styled shoes were smudged my mud, which must had been the mischief of rain. The rain caught my attention but couldn’t keep it long enough, and I switched to my thoughts again. I don’t know what happened inside me but I feel a very deep, urgent urge to hand my seat to the elderly man. Somehow I knew it was not the teaching of school. It was something in me which was guiding me. I felt a sudden burst of kindness in my heart. This time the feeling to help was beyond any doubt unlike old times. I didn’t cared about others nor did I cared what the man would think. I was sure! I wanted the man to sit on my place.


I asked the passenger sitting next to me for making some space so that I could move out, as the bus was traditionally congested. My hands reached for the shoulder of the man. I said, “Sir, Have the seat!” The man moved and placed himself on the seat. I felt joy. Now my view was clearer, more vivid than ever. I was enjoying the taste of kindness. I was seeing the world outside, the sun, the still pouring rain through the wide door not the constricted window, which I just had opened for myself. It is common of man to seek appreciation for the good he does. I looked back at the man, but not for the appreciation, but to see how he looked. The moment I had turned to see him, his eyes met mine. He was not smiling but was not frowning either. His face showed satisfaction, he was at rest. It felt good, and in a moment I turned away and dared looking back again. I was shy to stare at anyone. My destination was still 15 minutes away. I fixed my eyes on road, my brain numb. I wished I had helped every man I ever met. Finally, my stop came and I looked back but still just a look of serenity and I jumped out. I was feeling happy on having helped someone.

Since then it has been 40 years and I have traveled on bus and helped every possible person I could. This was the primary reason why I started loving bus, which I used to dislike. I have grown old too, I am not the same at health, which I used to be in college days. I still move fast but steadily. No jumping, no hoping.

One day it was raining again, I was out that day to purchase for home. The bag got heavy but I could still manage it. I boarded bus towards my home as the market was few kilometers away from where I lived. It was a huge market where I went, because of cheap price we used to shop there weekly. We hadn’t moved far and a jam occurred. We were struck and the bus moved at the pace of snail. I was irritated. It was then I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was small hands of boy aged around 15. He was clean and shiny like any young boy. He was traveling with his mother. He said, “Uncle, why don’t you have a seat.” I smiled and took his seat. I was relieved of the load of the bag which was starting to build up on my arm. The blood rushed through them, and made an itching sensation there. It was then I felt that I am really growing old now, but I was happy. I found that, still there are people who help. My irritation was over…

Female Sexual Harassment. A step to Stop.

“Today 99 out of 100 girls has been harassed in some form or the other.” This is a matter of serious concern for everyone one of us. Every individual in existence is because of some woman. Humans are different from other animals beacuse they have a brain which can think, i.e we have concious. Today we are all living in a way, which animal lives, by instinct. An animal’s only concerns are eating, breeding and sleeping, and we have taken their life style very seriously. We all should take a step to reduce this kind of activity beacuse we all have our beloved mother, sister and wife.

Take a step to stop wrong

Take a step to stop wrong

Most of the harassment cases go unnoticed beacause they mostly happen in an environment where female are on a weaker position. It is sad to say, but it is true that most harassment are commited by one we trust on. Family members, brother, cousion, colleagues, teachers, senior wokers, etc. This list can extend to every possible relation you can think of. The most dangerous mistake female commit is by trying to hide the incident for several reasons. Remember, “The moment you try to hide the darkness, you are inviting more of them”. Things will happen and you will keep bearing the pains, which you shouldn’t and in the end either you will burst when its too late or you will get used to it, which is even worse. So, if you are a minor and confront harassment in slightest of form, inform you parents or guardian whom you trust. If you are an adult get it to the knowledge of goverment authority. Don’t be afraid to say the truth, you will never be concidered wrong. When you try to hide things for what others will think about you or that you may be conciderd bad, then its the worst mindset you can have. Bring the crime in light, beacuse today it is about you but tommow it can be someone else. That someone can be you sister, daughter or anyone. When you have been wronged don’t let the wrong survive. You don’t have anything to loose but save others and give yourself justice.

It is the duty of everyone of us to keep a moral check on oneself, but when people are not so much self concious, there need to be some way females need to protect their rights and integrity. I am in total compliance with female freedom to move, act and dress in way they desire. But if society we are living are taking away our freedom you need to sacrifice few things and take few bold steps. Trust people but keep a safe and sound mind. When meeting people whom you don’t know so well, prefer choosing public places. Dress according to conditons, sexually arousing aspects affects the mentallity of other person. Avoid travelling alone at night. I hope you understand where I am reaching to.

All I will say is understand the gravity of todays situation. It not about you its about us, every one us. Take a stand for yourself because you are not a instrument of use and everone will have to stop viewing you like that. Take Your Stand!

C++ program to read and display the i-node information for a given text file, image file. PL1(GAQ4)

/* Write a program in Python/C++ to read display the i-node information for a given text file,
image file.*/
//by Ankit Singhaniya
using namespace std;

int main()
char fname[255];
cout<<“Enter absolute path for your file: “;                 //eg: /home/student/g1q4.cpp
struct stat var;                             //a variable that can store the stat information if the file we provide.
int ret=stat(fname,&var);                        //call the fuction stat for file name ‘fname’ and store the values in ‘var’.

cout<<“System call ‘stat’ exited with an error code “<<ret<<endl;
cout<<“Device id: “<<var.st_dev<<endl;
cout<<“Inode number: “<<var.st_ino<<endl;
cout<<“Mode: “<<var.st_mode<<endl;
cout<<“UID: “<<var.st_uid<<endl;
cout<<“GID: “<<var.st_gid<<endl;
cout<<“Size: “<<var.st_size<<endl;

//you can get this structure by $man fstat (trick, not to be used in exams)
struct stat
dev_t     st_dev;     /* ID of device containing file */
ino_t     st_ino;     /* inode number */
mode_t    st_mode;    /* protection */
nlink_t   st_nlink;   /* number of hard links */
uid_t     st_uid;     /* user ID of owner */
gid_t     st_gid;     /* group ID of owner */
off_t     st_size;    /* total size, in bytes */
blksize_t st_blksize; /* blocksize for filesystem I/O */
blkcnt_t  st_blocks;  /* number of 512B blocks allocated */




output samples:

singhaniya@singhaniya-SVF14A15SNB:~/pl1$ g++ g1q4.cpp
singhaniya@singhaniya-SVF14A15SNB:~/pl1$ ./a.out
Enter absolute path for your file: /home/singhaniya/pl1/g1q4.cpp
Device id: 2054
Inode number: 791790
Mode: 33204
UID: 1000
GID: 1000
Size: 1532
singhaniya@singhaniya-SVF14A15SNB:~/pl1$ ./a.out
Enter absolute path for your file: /home/dfsd
System call ‘stat’ exited with an error code -1

Installing Linux Kali with Windows 8 on a UEFI system:

The advancement in boot time technology has lead to the use of UEFI (Unified Extended Firmware Interface). It only allows OS’s with signature to be booted. Currently latest versions of Windows, Ubuntu and fedora only support for UEFI boot. It is time before all the system switches to this model. So the user who wants to use any other operating system are left with the only option of virtual machines. A virtual machine can run an OS, but only for basic needs it fails to provide the full fledged features of an OS. So if you still want to use an OS in a duel boot or multi boot here are the few most basic steps you need to follow.


linux Kali Installation page.

Note: There are a few different ways already stated but on my exploration I found those ways not completely helpful, so I believe that this is a most effective current way to solve our problem.

Tools needed:
1. The OS of your choice ‘KALI’ on a flash drive /dvd/any bootable media (to be installed).
2. Ubuntu OS (13.04 or 13.10) on flash/dvd/bootable media.
3. Wi-fi connection.

Step1: Create a required size partition for your new OS.

Step2: Restart your system to your BIOS setup, where you need to turn secure boot off. Then change your boot mode from UEFI to Legacy.(The Process may vary on different systems.)

Step3: Boot from your media content Kali, after you follow in the simple steps of installation. If not sure you may find documentation on how to install Kali on http://docs.kali.org/category/installation, make sure you install your OS on specific drive as mistake may lead to data loss.

Step4: After successful installation of Kali open it up and give it a try for once.

Step5: Reboot your system to BIOS setup and change boot to UEFI mode. You need to stick to UEFI mode as its the mode in which your windows will fire up. When your system will boot in this mode you get an error message “No Operating System found”.

Step6: Boot your system from a bootable media containing Ubuntu and then follow the steps to boot-repair as specified at the site: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair This will install GRUB2 boot loader for your system which will include entry of all the OS you have in your system.

Step7: Reboot your machine and you have all the OS you needed.

I hope this simple way to fix your problem help. We have simply used a different boot loader before Windows loader takes over.
Enjoy working with Kali!

Analogy of The Universe to Atomic Structure

Man has always wondered what exist beyond our reach? Out of curiosity he has revealed many secrets of this Universe but still he wonders what is more to it? Once while thinking about our universe’s structure I found it very similar to the structure of the smallest existing structure to us, ‘Atom’. What I thought was nothing new, people before me have already thought in a similar way. On my way but I discovered something more to it which someone else may not have listed before.



Our Solar System is similar to an Atom. An Atom consists of a central large charged body around which other smaller electrons revolve just like our planets. Atom also have its own spin so does the planet (rotation). An Atom is stable in itself just like our Solar system.
Many Atoms combined forms a molecule, in similar way different Solar System combined forms a Galaxy
Different molecules together form a definite structure of an element. So different Galaxy combined forms a Universe.

The point here of this analogy is that if we have such a similarity in these two systems we can predict the further details of these systems by comparative study. Till now we know that all electrons are identical but since they are analogous to planets and we know that although all planets are made up of the few common elements namely Carbon, Hydrogen, Water, etc. Even though they seem similar from our scope of vision (most latest microscope) but they may not be same as what we see.  Similarly Astro physicists who are trying to understand the structure of the universe can also be helped. We see different arrangements in our atomic structure like different structure of different  molecules in turn different molecule combined give rise to different structure which can be helpful.

So this is solely my views on what I perceive. I write this to reach different people to tinkle their imagination and reach the right person who can use an idea even if it is 0.1% helpful. Thanks!

A Man will rule earth one day!


Individual have always thought to rule the world and I can say the right time is now. People have always fought for greater powers and more glory. And this age of “Information Technology” has everything they were seeking since then.

In olden days a single person was assigned to do a single task. A cobbler will always make shoes, a writer was always supposed to write and a musician was supposed to make music. But late of time we see things changing, single mall selling fruits with cloths, vegetable with utensils, medicines with drugs. A farmer can now plough acres of land alone, a single ship can catch fish for a lakh people in a day. The point is to tell that now we as human want to do everything ‘alone’ and at ‘large’.

Similarly you see latest merging of companies, it is because they are unable to bear the pressure in market.
Merging of motorola with google, Nokia with Microsoft.
For other firms like collaboration of Reliance CDMA with Reliance GSM, Tata with DOCOMO in India, are all signs of power falling in one hand. A single man who had control of IT field now owns Electronics too, may be soon he will own Telecommunication also.

So the point here is to worry not that Dictatorship is coming soon but to Who will be that dictator.
With todays condition surely a man will come who will own everything but you can be the one.
Help humanity, Save humans!